• Canyonwall is an agency focused on maximizing profits for our partners and building value in the Amazon Era.


    Let us help you.

  • Why Canyonwall?

    Canyonwall was established to professionally manage Amazon in partnership with product manufacturers. Our process, developed over many years of experience, allows vendors to gain control of Amazon and reap the benefits of an optimized marketplace.

    Experienced Account Management

    We've been doing this since the beginning

    Keep you informed on the status of our Amazon business


    Specialized Staff

    Roles focused on every part of the Amazon ecosystem

    Experts in what they do with a vested interest in your success


    Proprietary Systems

    We've built, and continue to build, custom solutions to problems Amazon creates

    Monitor, manage, and optimize the marketplace


    Win-Win Agreement

    Standard agreements similar to working with a retail sales rep

    We make money when you make money


  • How we help you grow

    Natural Search Optimization

    Manage vendor catalog on Amazon to maximize results from the ever-changing Amazon search algorithm

    Marketing Management for Profitability

    Manage both PPC and Global Marketing campaigns

    On-Page Sales Conversion Optimization

    Design Product Detail pages to maximize page view conversions

    Brand Management

    Amazon Store creation and management as well as IP enforcement

    New Product Launches

    Optimize product listings out of the gate so new items are found

    Marketplace Policy Monitoring and Enforcement

    Implement and monitor MAP and Restricted Seller Policies


    Jimmy Morrison

    Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder

    Nathan Thompson

    Chief Amazon Officer - Co-Founder

    Aaron Thompson

    Chief Operating Officer - Co-Founder

    Ruth Morrison

    Chief Financial Officer - Co-Founder

    (801) 317-8016



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